Who am I?

Hi There!  Welcome to Strict Stitchery.

My name is Jhasmine and by day I am an attorney. But by night, I am a sewist, blogger, crafter, hairstylist, DIYer, and faithful Netflix binger. I spend most of my free time working in the sewing room and creating content for this blog. I am also privileged to be a contributor for the Modern Quilt Guild, Modern Monthly.

Why do I blog?

The answer is pretty simple.  I decided to blog to document my projects and get more involved with the sewing and DIYing community.


Why Sewing?

A few years ago someone told me:  You need to get a hobby, and get one fast if want to continue to be a happy attorney [side bar: That person really wanted me to take up golfing]. 

So I said to myself: If you are going to take up a hobby maybe you should try something new this time, instead of signing up for a another running program.  I knew that whatever I did I wanted it to be beneficial to my lifestyle.  So after weeks of research, I decided to take up sewing.  My family and friends were pretty shocked about my decision but were very supportive.  Unfortunately, I convinced myself that I could teach myself and it would be easy.

Boy was I wrong. 

Needless to say, during the first month of this new adventure I stayed up late several nights crying and asking: Why does this needle keep breaking?  Why is my thread continuously coming out of the needle?  Why did I buy a sewing machine?  Why, why, why?

Nevertheless, I pushed through my first youtube video on basic sewing machine parts and here I am ready to share my love of sewing with the world

What’s Next?

Who really knows, years ago if someone would have told that I should consider blogging in my spare time I would have laughed and quickly did away with the idea.  But I will be honest if someone would have told me I would be working on redoing my wardrobe one memade outfit at a time, I would not have been believed them. 

Now, I could go on and on (it’s a gift and a curse) but nine times out of ten you came here to see pictures and projects, so go ahead and click a section up there.