White Tie Waist Top: Simplicity 8601

This past weekend I celebrated my ten-year high-school class reunion.  With all reunions come themes and color schemes and of course mine was no different.  Our first event, the mix and mingle, was denim and white.  I have a few pair of jeans I can still fit but definitely lacked a nice white top.  Luckily I had some crepe suiting fabric in my stash that I initially planned to use for a skirt.  I decided to use it with Simplicity 8601 to create this look.  This is a simple pattern but I had a few issues because of the fabric color.

First, let me say that Simplicity 8601 is a summertime favorite right now.  Several bloggers have reviewed this pattern, so if you feel like I didn't discuss something you really needed to know just google the pattern number and you will find plenty of reviews.   The pattern is very straightforward and the instructions are well written.  I went with the size six but if I make this again, I will add about a quarter inch to the center seam of the front bodice. I decided to omit the sleeves because it's too hot for any type of sleeve right now.  The collar is finished with a facing.  Unfortunately, the facing showed under the white fabric and it did not look cute. I decided to cut the front collar facing to a narrow width and finished it with a black ribbon.  I left the back facing as is. I also poked a hole in the front of the shirt with my seam ripper so I had to do a patch job.  I was frustrated when it was all said it done but I didn't have time to go look for another top, so I wore it.  Glad I did because this material is lightweight and soft and the top went perfectly with my jeans.   




It took me about 4 hours to complete from cut to finish. Plus another hour to fix my mistake and collar after I finished. There is reason this pattern is so popular it is simple and cute! If you haven't tried this pattern, you should.  Happy Sewing!