Reversible Wrap Skirt - McCall's

Hi everyone! We're near the end of summer and I still have so much sewing I want to do.  However,  I do believe I have fallen into a rut. Not really sure why but for at least a week I haven't wanted to make anything. So I decided to focus my attention on what I finished but still haven't worn for one reason or another.  

Believe it or not, I have never owned a wrap skirt. Nope! Not ever. The best part about sewing, however, is that you learn so much about your personal style and get define it with each garment you make. Since I began sewing, I realized I love circled skirts. So when I saw McCall's 7129, bells started ringing. A reversible circle skirt, two for one. I had to try it. 


I was unsure how this would turn out, and I didn't want to make this using expensive fabric. I picked up fabric for both the main and contrast piece from Walmart at $2 a yard, and I used fabric scraps for the waistband. 

The pattern is a learn to sew pattern, which means it is great if you are new to sewing pockets and finishing hems with bias tape. I'm no newbie at either but I enjoyed the extra sewing tips included in the instructions. After I basted the main and contrast piece together, I had to trim the edge of the main fabric, because it had stretched out a bit while I was sewing, before adding the bias tape.  So I had to pull out my dog on seam ripper to detach the hem of the skirt and true up that area.

Since this project required me to finish the hem with quite a bit of bias tape, I finally had the opportunity to use my bias tape binding foot on a big project.  This was my first time using this much bias tape to finish a project, so I can't really tell you whether it made a difference time-wise compared to me attaching the bias tape with a regular sewing foot. I cut the size 10 and it fits perfectly. This skirt's closure method provides you with a little wiggle room in the waist. If it is slightly big tie it tighter, slightly tight, loosen the tie.  


This pattern has so much potential depending on what look you are going for. I'm hoping to make another one before the end of the year.  Cooler weather will mean picking a fabric with a little more weight, which I will probably match with a lightweight cotton for the contrast. I matched this skirt with two different bodysuits: mustard yellow (forever 21) and red-orange (rue 21).  I wore my new sewing pattern shoes with the blue speckled print side because I thought it matched perfectly. The shoe is from groovebags, and if you have been eyeing their products, but have been hesitant about ordering, I say go for it.  I ordered two pairs of shoes and received them within a month of ordering.  But Be mindful that these shoes are custom made and shipped from another country.  Happy Sewing and/or shopping!