McCall's 7261: Power-Mesh Active Wear Top

Despite what my blog may indicate, I am a big fan of active wear.  On the weekend, if I don't have any special plans, you will likely catch me in fitted joggers or leggings, a plain fitted t-shirt or technical shirt, and tennis shoes. I am usually dressed up Monday through Friday, so on the weekend, I shoot for the relaxed and fit look, even though I am hardly relaxing and the fit part is questionable.


Oddly enough I am rarely inspired to make my activewear; I would much rather buy it, hence, its rare appearance on the blog.  So I am sure you're wondering why am I writing about it today.  Well, the answer is simple, a couple of months ago, I fell into an Instagram search trap (happens quite often) and came across a photo of a young lady exercising in a mesh knit top, and I wanted it.  I searched online to purchase one, but couldn't find one that I liked.  I resolved that I would have to make the top.  Luckily for me, I seemed to have purchased several activewear sewing patterns (only the Lord knows why), so I used what was in my stash.  The pattern, in this case, is McCall's 7261.



McCall's 7261 is an activewear top and legging pattern and is designed for two way stretch knit.  The tops princess seams and the leggings panel details, allow for color blocking easily or scrap busting.  I made View B because I wanted the lapped cowl collar.  I have learned that having a collar around your neck during colder weather is important, but I hate the tops that zip up to the top of the collar.  The zipper pull rubbing against my neck is annoying, and I end up unzipping the top, thus, defeating the purpose of the high collar. Fair warning size down at least one size, maybe two, this runs big. Based on the measurements on the pattern envelope, I should have cut a size 12, glad I disregarded that suggestion.  I cut the size 10 and still had to remove about an inch in the side and sleeve seams.  I decided not to add the cuffs with the thumb because I don't like my Fitbit covered when I run. 

This top was made using a  power mesh from Mood Fabric.  I wanted the top to be sheer, but I do intend to work out in it and liked the heavier weight of this mesh. I sewed this top using my serger and cover stitch machine.  The most challenging part is attaching the collar, so I encourage you to pin it well.  I went with a rolled hem on the serger because the seams would be visible and I made sure to use matching thread.  Aside from the sizing issue, I love this pattern.  I finished it, cut to finish, in about four hours.


I decided to take photos on a run day so that I could kill two birds with one stone.  I recently started a new running program with a local running club, so you will probably see more posts related to running in my Instagram stories.  For this particular run, I wore my Nike air max motion sneakers, midrise leggings, and sports bra.  Hey who said you couldn't be stylish during a workout, do whatever floats your boat! Until next time!