Merge Bags: Bucket Bag Pattern Review

I figured you all deserved to see at least one traditional bucket bag using this pattern. This is merge bag mini bucket bag pattern, and if you are new here, I used this pattern to make two Marni Pannier styled bucket bags. To make this version I used khaki duck canvas from JoAnn.


I made this one as a late graduation gift for a friend, but I must admit after I finished, I realized that I would have to make one for myself next spring because I love this bag is so cute. The bag is the perfect size to carry the essentials: phone, small wallet, keys, and a few beauty products. I think my favorite detail on the bag is the drawstring closure with the matching slider. You can make the bag with a zipper pocket, but I omitted it. However, if you are the type who prefer to have a separate compartment for smaller items, the zipper pocket is a perfect size. In fact, I included the zipper pocket when I made the red faux leather bucket bag. The pattern instructions are well written and include pictures illustrating each step. The designer also includes helpful tips, such as tool options for grommet placement, which is perfect if you are new to bag making. Grommet placement is no easy task because you will have to punch through two layers of duck canvas (a heavyweight material) and interfacing, but it is doable. I used Dritz Grommet Pliers, which can be found at Joann or Walmart. I’ll be pretty busy this fall (taking a new class, can’t wait to tell you about it) so I intend for this to my last bag project for the year, but you know I am quick to change my mind if a good bag pattern catches my eye. Happy sewing!