DIY Crop Top + McCall's 7610 Joggers

Duh duh duh duhhhhhh . . .  the pants that almost did not make it.  Seriously, I estimated that this project would take, at most, four days.  Well, it actually took a week and a half to complete the entire project. Lately, I have been trying to use the patterns in my pattern stash before going out and purchasing new ones.  I hate having a bunch of stuff in my sewing area that is not be used (gasp, yes, I said it, I don't care to have a huge pattern and fabric stash).   

I purchased this pattern months ago with intentions to make the joggers this summer but it did not happen.  I completed the pants first, which is how the estimated completion time got extended.  I purchased  McCall's 7610   just for View F.  The other views are cute but not my style.


I picked up some knit fabric at Walmart a few weeks ago during my visit to buy groceries.  I could not resist, the fabric was $3 a yard.  Once I got home, I went through my fabric stash and came across the faux leather.  Since the faux leather was a half yard, I decided that it would be my accent fabric.  


Based on the pattern cover, I assumed that pants cuff would stop at my calf.  Since I prefer for my jogger cuff to come down to my ankle, I lengthened at the suggested line by two inches.  Well, that was not enough.  After I baste stitched the pants legs together I realized that I should have added an additional two inches.  

I tapered the bottom of the pants below my knee so the pant leg would be closer to my calf.  Of course, since I tapered the pants legs I had to make the cuff more fitted than it was originally designed.  I also decreased the height of the cuff about an inch.  I decided to omit the mock drawstring and elastic since the faux leather waistband fit great without it.  

Future Modifications

I think that I need to lengthen the back crotch area.  My derriere pulled the pants down a little in the back.  Not so much that they aren't wearable, but enough that I would have to worry about plumber's crack when sitting down.  The pants also pulled in the thigh area, which probably means I need to let it out the in-seams a little.    

The crop top is self-drafted, and I used an old crop top as the base pattern.  Mid-draft I decided to shake things up by adding accent panels on the front and sleeves of the top.    The top only took about 3 days to complete.  If you follow me on instagram then you know (via insta stories) I fussed at myself for doing the accent panels.  I was tired of the project at this point and was kicking myself for making the top more complicated than it had to be.  All in all, I am so glad I pushed through because the top looks amazing and really compliments the pants.  Look for a good video tutorial on drafting a new pattern based on an old clothing item?  Check out this video.  I am glad I finished this project and didn't trash the pants. I have used one pattern in the stash and I now only have about another 30 to 35 to go through.  Until next time, happy sewing. 

Got a little drafting done during my lunch break.  

Got a little drafting done during my lunch break.