Off Shoulder Mini Dress: Vogue 9281 Pattern Review

I have a confession.  You ready? 

I have been avoiding Vogue Patterns since I began my sewing journey.  Why? First, I couldn't convice myself to spend money on a vogue pattern, even when it is on sale.  Second,  I figured the construction would be detailed and complicated and I honestly was not interested in that.  But I must admit, Vogue designs are amazing and I finally gave in and purchased four during the latest sale.    Fortunately, for those who who cringe in fear at the name of Vogue, Vogue makes very easy and easy patterns.  

For my first round on the Vogue Merry Go Round, I decided to make Vogue 9281.  When I saw the pattern illustration I knew that I would lengthen the the top but I was unsure about the sleeve length.  Mississippi fall weather is fickle, you can leave the house in the morning to forty degree weather and walk into eighty degree weather during your lunch break.  I finally settled on the View C, which is the long sleeve version.  I decided to lengthen the pattern at the hem by 7 inches.  I figured even if the weather is cool, I can throw on a cute pair of fashion tights and boots and be on my merry way.

Now about this pattern.  9281 was just what it is titled very easy.  I mean the instructions are only two pages.  Two!  The dress is made using five pattern pieces.  With my modification I ended up using about three yards of this jersey knit from  I almost followed the instructions to the letter but just couldn't follow through on the hemming directions.  After trying on the dress, I serged off about an inch of the hem and turned up the hem 1/4 an inch and stitched.  I do not wear off shoulder tops or dresses often enough to use this pattern anytime soon but I am glad I tried it.  This dress came out so nice that it had me two stepping while taking photos.  Have you been avoiding Vogue Patterns?  Give it try and tell me what you think.