True Bias: Men Hudson Pant

I am starting my new year sewing adventure a little differently this year by doing quite a bit of selfless sewing.  Truth is I am a selfish sewer (a person who prefers to sew only for themselves), and I am not ashamed to admit it.  The only other person who gets handmade garments regularly from me is my niece because I love creating for her.  Everyone else in my life is not so fortunate. But over the next couple of months I will be using some of my free time to sew for those who have requested something handmade and received an official “Yes, I will make something for you.”  Several people make requests very few get a “yes” from me.


First up on my selfless sewing list is these sweatpants (yeah I am tooting my own horn) made using True Bias Mens Hudson Pant pattern.  I purchased this pattern over a year ago, and I have no excuse for waiting so long to make the pants.  My boyfriend’s style is straightforward and simple.  85% of his closet is t-shirts and athletic bottoms in some shade of black or gray, which makes sewing for him pretty simple.

Now let's talk sewing. The instructions and illustrations for this pattern are good and dare I say, beginner friendly if you are a confident beginner.  Since it is knit you can easily sew this up without finishing the seams, but if you want a clean finish just sew it using a serger.  The only thing that may be a little frustrating is inserting the cord, which I did at the very end. The cord, however, is not necessary because the pants stayed up just fine before I inserted the cord.

After I compared his hip and crotch depth measurement with the flat pattern measurements, I cut the size 34 and added an inch to the crotch depth.  I should have lengthened the crotch as well on the back pant pattern, but I will be sure to do it for the next pair.  Otherwise, no other adjustments were made, and the pants were sewn as directed. For this project I went with black medium weight microfleece from mood fabrics and it looks fantastic.  The fabric has a nice stretch across the weft and it is extremely soft and warm.  Mr. Parkman had absolutely no complaints about the pants and has already put in a request for five more (although, who knows when they will be made).    Now that I have finally finished his pants I can move on to the project I promised my sister over a year ago! So expect more selfless sewing projects on the blog over the next few weeks.  Until next time, happy sewing!